Nations hottest Senate race: How Hagan can lose easily

Here’s a measure of how out of power the Dems are in North Carolina. The biggest spokesman that they could come up with for the launch of Senator Kay Hagan’s re-election campaign is the Mayor of Charlotte.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx says North Carolina Democrats are preparing for a major battle in defending Sen. Kay Hagan’s seat in 2014.

“It’s gonna be one of the biggest Senate race in the country,” Foxx told POLITICO this weekend while in Washington to attend the inaugural. “And that’s going to be a fight.”

North Carolina Democrats took a drubbing on election day.

Drubbing is an understatement. The NC General Assembly has a 2/3rds majority for Republicans in both the House and Senate. The Governor is a Republican who won with double digits. NC was the only “battleground” state that Obama couldn’t win. By any measure it was a crushing defeat for the Democrat Party.

Let me tell you how Kay Hagan could ensure her defeat. She could come out for any of the gun control proposals being floated. The gun owners of this state, having been lulled to sleep by constant lies that Obama wasn’t anti-gun, are awake and pissed off. We can’t find an AR or an AK for sale anywhere in the state because people bought them all up. Normal capacity magazines are basically unobtainable. Ammo is GONE. The people have voted with their money, and they aren’t voting FOR gun control.

So how does that square with the NC Democrat Party supporting gun control? Call Senator Hagan and ask her if she is marching with the anti-gun NC Democrat Party. Ask her how we can trust her not to turn against us immediately after her re-election? Ask her to publicly denounce all of the gun control proposals her party is proposing, and denounce it now. You can contact her office by phone (on Tuesday) at 202-224-6342. Email her here.

4 responses to “Nations hottest Senate race: How Hagan can lose easily

  1. I’ve contacted her about gun rights and NDAA. Got a canned response. Looks like she is soft pedaling the issue on her senate site, but she did float that dangerous word “commonsense.”

  2. My latest message to her was a much a gentle reminder of 1994 as it was a “Don’t you dare step on my rights.” Let’s see if she’s smart enough to count votes.

  3. Not going to give her the chance. She got in because the anti-Republican backlash scooped Libby Dole up six years ago and the best thing I can say about her is she didn’t do any more damage than any other Democrat would have done.

  4. Dont give this Obama loving Democrat another day in Office, Her office staff
    can’t tell you what her position is on anything, until after a vote…..She has never held a town hall, can’t face the people………