Maybe they should have spent more time trying to track him down before this

I know that cops can’t do everything, but here’s a guy that should not have been free to be committing crimes.

Police detectives have charged a 33-year-old man with attempted robbery and kidnapping in connection with a Sept. 24 incident that happened at 3 a.m. in a McDonald’s parking lot off Wake Forest Road.

He tried to rob a man at gunpoint. There are a couple of problems with that.


He has been convicted of so many felonies that he was thrown in jail as an “habitual felon” for 6 years starting in  2006. He got paroled in June of 2012 and absconded.

State prison records label (Suspect) as an absconder from probation that he was granted after a March 2006 conviction for being a habitual felon.

Technically, that would be “parole” not “probation” that he absconded from.

Of course, if his parole officer had tracked him down and tossed him back in the pokey he wouldn’t have been running about sticking guns in people’s faces less than 4 months after being released from prison. 

You can’t reform some people. This one has proven that he’s immune to reform. Don’t let him out again.

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