She’s not a hero

One of the blogs I read is not political at all. It’s the personal blog of a friend of mine that I know from a historical re-enactment group. A couple of days ago she had to call 911 for a house fire.

“Crap.” I thought. I banged on the door again and yelled, “Your HOUSE is on fire!” I went back to the car, to find something to possibly break a window with, so I could let the dog out before the fire got to the house. Just as I got to my car, the homeowner poked her head out of the door, looking sleepy and confused.

I yelled, “Your house is on fire! You need to get your dog and get out!” She started to come out, and I yelled, “Call your dog!” She ducked back inside, and I could have kicked myself. Never let someone go back into a building that’s on fire. Cardinal rule of fire safety. The fire was just starting to go after the carport, so I didn’t immediately yell at her to come back. She came out again within the three minute mark of me going to yell at her again, with a large tabby and a little bichon frise-looking puppy the size of a chihuahua.

My friend stopped, turned around to verify what she saw, called 911, beat on the door, roused the neighbor, put the neighbor and cat and dog in her car, and waited while the fire department extinguished the fire. Yet she’s not a “hero.”

I got a deluge of “WOW YOU’RE A HERO!” I got really upset. Because what I did was not heroic.

It’s close enough for me. You don’t have to risk your life being Johnny-on-the-Spot. You’ve just got to do the right thing when confronted.

Why don’t you click over, read the whole story, and say thanks for being an awesome neighbor.

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