Why do Leftists hate cheap energy?

Let’s imagine that we could smash a couple of atoms together, crack them, and make electricity. Or throw up a big wall in front of a river, run the water through a turbine and make electricity. Or pump some water into the ground, crack the rock, and extract enough clean burning natural gas to cut the price from $13 per 1,000 cubic feet to about $3. Why wouldn’t we.

Oh, wait, we already can do all of these things.

I guess my question is, why is it that every time we try to exploit an energy source the same Leftist suspects freak the hell out? It doesn’t seem to matter what the source is, from coal to natural gas. It’s always a bad deal.

I’m starting to think that the real problem isn’t the problem they complain about, the environment. Anyone with half a brain and one functioning eye could see that poor energy starved countries are far rougher on their environment. No, I think the real problem is that the usual suspects just don’t want us to have cheap energy.

Didn’t human hater Paul Erlich say “Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun“?

There has to be a reason.

3 responses to “Why do Leftists hate cheap energy?

  1. Back in the 1970s I remember one of environmentalist leaders saying he didn’t care whether nuclear energy was safe because he feared what we’d do with cheap, safe energy. The anti-humans policy has only hardened since then. Also, Ayn Rand observed that it’s easier to control a starving peasant than a man running a machine.

    The point is that we are just a means to the ends of the self-annointed elite. Remember that they intend to rule and don’t care how bad it gets — for us.

  2. I’ll have to paraphrase this, because I can’t locate the original quote:

    “No matter how clean, sustainable, or abundant a source of energy is, if you make it cheap enough, environmentalists will hate it.”

    They don’t want clean, sustainable energy. They want to push us (but not necessarily themselves) down to zero consumption. Therefore, even given an energy source that meets all their “criteria”, they will STILL find/invent a reason to protest it.

  3. Bingo. There are some who truly believe “We’re saving Mother Gaia!”, and that’s it; the rest are watermelons. They despise the US, they hate free- well, free anything, and a lot of them seem to hate the human race. They want the economy trashed, at least to a medieval level, and a few of the real nutcases seriously speak of going back to a hunter/gather-level culture.

    Ever read Merchants of Despair?
    A lot of history on the eugenics movement, and people involved. Which included a LOT of ‘progressives’. Some of whom I now despise more than I did before. And a lot of the modern watermelons are a continuation of that bunch of bastards.