Why do I need a gun?

Because I might happen to live in a house where a gang member used to live.

The (Victims) were the unintended victims of a shooting that targeted a member of the VDM gang, an acronym for Very Dangerous Mexicans, investigator E.A. Welch stated in the search warrant. The intended target was (Intended Victim), a member of VDM who once lived at the Mendoza’s address with (Girlfriend).

This was just outside the Town limits in unincorporated Wake County, exactly 3 road miles from here.

The two thugs shot the place to pieces. One of the suspects’ girlfriend was arrested for possession of a weapon of mass destruction, which basically means she had a machine gun. They haven’t said it was one of the murder weapons, but they have been hinting at it. She’s on an immigration hold.

We can’t keep PEOPLE out of this country. These people have guns I can’t buy legally, yet my AR is a threat?

They can go to hell.

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