Second Amendment Freedom Rally

Grass Roots North Carolina hosted a Second Amendment Freedom Rally today in the Halifax Mall behind the NC General Assembly building. WRAL has coverage.

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I’m not sure why they insisted on interviewing a restaurant owner who’s against Restaurant Carry. He forgets that he can just put up a “Everyone here is disarmed for your safety” sign.

I worked the event as the GRNC Twitter jockey. I posted photos of the rally on the GRNC feed. What was strange was getting hauled up on stage on short notice and asked to speak. I asked people to follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook. Plus give us money.

Events, signs, the good work of GRNC cost money, and like Josette said early in the event, Daddy Warbucks Soros is not cutting us a check for some reason. So if you have some spare change, please donate. 

Thanks to the readers of this blog who showed up. It was gratifying to meet real live people who actually read my words. One guy told me he used my daily stories about Felons Behaving Badly to show his coworkers what the justice system was doing to us law-abiding citizens.

3 responses to “Second Amendment Freedom Rally

  1. I like using your meanwhile in “X” paradise stories when people start telling me how great gun control has worked in other parts of the world and how America would be better off, shuts them right up.

  2. I’m not sure why they insisted on interviewing a restaurant owner who’s against Restaurant Carry.

    Because they want to portray it as a radical idea, rather than an natural extension of existing legislation? 🙂

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