Ramming the police in Greensboro

The usual suspects are screaming that we gun owners, with our insurrectionist rhetoric, are encouraging others to resist the police. They claim we are putting the cops in a dangerous situation.

A Winston-Salem man rammed a stolen pickup into Greensboro police vehicles as he tried to flee from officers Monday.

So what Tea Party chapter did this insurrectionist come from?


Don’t worry. The gun grabbing Left still blames us.

2 responses to “Ramming the police in Greensboro

  1. Now you know it was the police officer’s fault. Think about it. The miscreant drove into the fence so it is only logical that if he drove straight in, he could back straight out. The cop placed his patrol car in the way, ergo it is the cops fault for parking there

  2. “insurrectionist rhetoric” I have no idea what you mean. Really.