Boo hoo! My Baby! He was such a good boy!

It’s another tragic tale of a good son cut down violently in his youth. 

“Tell (Victim) I don’t have a beef with him anymore,” she says (Suspect 1) told her.

(Victim’s Mom) told (Suspect 1) and the other boy, (Suspect 2), to leave and went back inside. But immediately, she started thinking something was wrong.

She went back outside, walked toward the end of the trailer where the boys had been standing and saw her son dead on the ground, his face slashed, his eyes swollen shut and some of his teeth broken.

You feel sorry for mom. It’s a horrible thing to find.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2


So we have a misdemeanant and a felon killing another felon. You have to read the story to get a flavor of how they make the victim out to be just a wayward youth getting his life together with the help of God. Strangely his criminal record doesn’t agree. I’m starting to think that the one thing that gets people killed is suddenly deciding to get their life together after a life of crime. They all seem to die suddenly after making that decision. At least according to their moms.

Here’s another strange detail. The mom is identified only by name. No age or middle name given. We can deduce that she’s a Buncombe County resident from the story. Since the criminal records of her son indicate that he was white, we can also make the general assumption that his mother would be as well.

Possibly the Victim’s Mom

She’s white, female, crimes all committed in Buncombe County, and within the reasonable age to have a 19 year old son. I can’t confirm that this is the same person. Can anyone else get me some info on the victim’s mom to confirm this?

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