The New York Boycott page is now online

LaRue started it. Olympic Arms followed suit. I have a feeling that a lot more companies will jump in. I have decided to maintain a “New York Boycott” page so that we can keep track of the companies that put your Second Amendment rights before profits.

NC GunBlog’s New York Boycott Page

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. If you know any firearm manufacturers, tell them too. We want a widespread boycott of anti-gun states. There is no way that firearm companies should be selling firearms to the people who taking rights away from their own citizens. My email address is on the boycott page, so any companies that want to be added should email me directly.

8 responses to “The New York Boycott page is now online

  1. Hey Sean, great idea. I have a question though. Is the next step to ask gun owners to boycott companies that do business with agencies in NY? Do you know if the larger manufactures dare/can afford to boycott? And are LE agencies comfortable relying on foreign manufacturers, knowing that citizens have ready access to domestic products?

    There is some serious potential for market pressure here.

  2. driversuz: Not at first. Once this starts to heat up, I expect that gun owners will make that decision. Keep in mind that Smith and Wesson took a hell of a hit last time they decided to choose government over people

  3. You might keep an eye on Ronnie Barrett. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t join soon enough.

  4. We need to get the ammunition companies onboard

  5. Tom: Yes we do. Give them a call. You never know what might happen.

  6. Oh Great, now that will make them come and take all of our ammo, thay know who got what with pistol licensing files and this new gun reg.

  7. Chris G. FUBAR2013

    If New York is banning guns, why not ban drones? Don’t limit the boycotting of the sale of guns to New York, also boycott convention and tourism business. Get creative; On a certain day of the month, all sympathetic citizens will in some way shape or form-damage some property of the city that they live in, in New York. Flatten a tire on a police car. Key a police car. Throw a rock into the window of a city building. Get creative, have some fun.