I think my dad’s a bit upset

Dad (yes, this really is my father) is more than a little upset with the current anti-gun climate.

Dear American Citizen:

The time to fight is upon us. We must at this time decide, are we going to go to the slaughter like the proverbial lamb, or are we going to make a stand against tyranny and tell our elected officials to stand down. We have so many elected officials who are slathering themselves in the blood of innocent slaughtered children that they are sickening. Face it, we are governed by the largest collection of narcissistic sociopaths in the history of mankind. Diane Feinstein is the worst offender; she absolutely rolled in the blood of Moscone and Milk in San Francisco to garner support for her bid to federal office and no matter what she tells you, those two were responsible for pushing a man over the edge. Look it up but not in the San Francisco paper.

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2 responses to “I think my dad’s a bit upset

  1. Sounds irked. God bless him.

  2. Your dad seems like a stand up guy. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Once everyone get on the boycott bandwagon, where will these states police get their guns so that they can further bully their citizens?

    Maybe the fast and furious crowd is looking for some new clients, and many of the mob type criminal politicians from those states could meet the necessary criteria for doing business with them. 😉