West Fork Armory joins the New York Boycott

Found this company almost by mistake.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! All New York Government and official purchases from New York Law Enforcement agencies within that state are cancelled. All future sales will be suspended and firearm servicing is halted until your current bans further restricting law abiding citizens is lifted.

This includes all sales of West Fork Armory WF-15 rifles, all magazines, optics, night vision, thermal optics, ammunition, or anything else we sale or manufacture for that matter. California you’re already on the list, and Colorado your borderline on the list. We suggest all other manufacturers and dealers do the same. Let this be heard and spread the word. Share it! 

Thanks, West Fork Armory. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

If you see any other companies boycotting New York, let me know right away so I can add them.

2 responses to “West Fork Armory joins the New York Boycott

  1. Good for them. Hit NY in the pocketbook and capability!

  2. Linked to your commentary here:


    Better keep a close eye on North Carolina, because I see it sliding further and further towards the New York/New Jersey/California gun control sink hole.