Dear anti-gun Police Chief, GFY. Signed, Me. *Language Alert*

Warning: Language alert.

You have a “greater right?” How about you take that “greater right” print it on card stock, fold it until it’s all sharp corners and jam it up your ass. If you need help, let me know.

“To tell you the truth, Dave, we’re not worried about it,” John Grebert says. He is the executive director of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, a group that supported the new gun law in New York State.

But, he adds, “I think it’s pretty unfortunate that any business thinks they can bully us.”

Because people in law enforcement deal with criminals every days, Grebert thinks they have, “a greater right” to weapons, “to deal with potentially violent situations.” And Grebert says he’s confident police will still have access to the equipment they need “to get the job done right.”

Bully you? That’s pretty rich from a guy who supported stealing the rights of the millions of citizens of New York. It does open up a window on that sort of mindset. A private company refuses to do business with the government and this ass-clown calls it “bullying.”

Is it any wonder that so many people have a crappy attitude towards police? When people like this make asinine public statements, you can hardly blame people for hating them.

HT: Captains Journal who is entirely too polite with his comments, if you ask me.

One response to “Dear anti-gun Police Chief, GFY. Signed, Me. *Language Alert*

  1. He has a “greater right” because “people in law enforcement deal with criminals every day” . . . Well guess what A-hole. More crime victims come face-to-face with criminals every day than all the cops combined. It’s the victims that have to deal with the criminals in real time, not just between runs to the donut shop.