CorBon ammo “investigating” the New York Boycott

I’ve been taking my own advice and hitting arms manufacturer’s Facebook pages and asking them to join the New York Boycott. In a surprise move, CorBon ammo actually answered.

We have not made a determination at this time- still investigating.

Awesome. Why don’t you stop by and give them a little encouragement.

Some of you might be asking, why is Sean so excited about a “maybe” answer? Because it’s the first crack. Once a manufacturer starts thinking about doing what we ask, the logic of the move will assert itself. They won’t lose sales, they gain brand recognition with us, the people who buy most of their products anyway, and they support the Constitution. It’s cost-free to do the right thing.

As the dominos start to fall, it will become harder and harder to hold out. As we pick up boycott members, those who won’t support us will find that they can’t sell their products. Remember what happened to Smith and Wesson back in the 2000.

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