Liberty Suppressors, welcome to the New York Boycott

Many people imagine that silencers/suppressors are hard to get. Not really, they just tend to be both expensive, and a bit of a paperwork hassle. Liberty Suppressors has decided to live up to their name.

In light of recent events surrounding the citizens of the state of New York and their unconstitutional laws surrounding firearm legislation, we at Liberty Suppressors have decided that we will no longer support the government that is oppressing the people that it was elected to represent. As of Feb. 18, 2013 and continuing until these draconian laws are repealed, Liberty Suppressors will not do business with any government entity in the state of New York until these laws are repealed.

Keep your powder dry,

David Saylors


Liberty Suppressors

Thanks, Liberty Suppressors. You have been added to the New York Boycott list.

3 responses to “Liberty Suppressors, welcome to the New York Boycott

  1. Outstanding.

  2. Thank you for the BLOG post. We want people to know that as Americans we dont have to put up with this mess!