A late addition for Trident Armory

Trident Armory joined the boycott on Sunday the 17th, but I only found out about them today. Sorry Trident.

Sunday night, 9pm. As of this moment, all contract bids and offers, as well as any current production contracts for any and all US government agencies and affiliates by Trident Armory are null and void.

“We will no longer participate with, or work for a government where the “rights” of the people are able to be adjusted by the whim of the government”.

” I will not build guns which can be used to disarm my fellow Americans”

Gun makers and gunsmiths of America, join me. Stop enabling a government who doesn’t believe in our rights, save our second amendment, and save Americas freedom from tyranny.

Thanks Trident Armory. You have been added to the New York Boycott list.

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