Bob Beckel and the Reverse Rumplestiltskin Defense

Bob Beckel thinks that rape on campus is rare, and that “date rape” isn’t worth shooting someone over. 

 I think it was Tam that posted something to the effect of, “aren’t the leftists always going on about how people will only shoot their friends and family, yet they are the same ones saying that women are getting raped mostly by people they know?” I can’t find the post, so if anyone can find it for my, please let me know.

Bob, echoing plenty of anti-gun fanatics, tries to tell us that there is some difference between shooting a “stranger” rapist and shooting a “date” rapist. Can someone please explain to me why shooting someone whose name you happen to know is worse than shooting a total stranger? If he’s trying to rape you, who gives a damn what his name is? Bob apparently subscribes to the Reverse Rumplestiltskin Defense.

You know the story of Rumplestiltskin. The Imp shows up in the tower and promises to spin the straw into gold. The only catch is, that if she can’t guess his name in 3 days, she has to give him her first-born child.

Bob apparently believes the opposite. So long as the rapist is a stranger, it’s ok to use deadly force to stop him. But if the victim happens to know the rapist’s name, Bob thinks she should have to let him rape her.

Does that make sense?

One response to “Bob Beckel and the Reverse Rumplestiltskin Defense

  1. Oh my god, I have two words for you: Todd Aiken. Can you imagine if a Republican said something like this?

    Clearly Bob has never met a rape victim.