Bravo Company USA joins the New York Boycott

Bravo Company USA not only joins the New York Boycott, they remind the police that they are civilians too.

Our stance on the 2nd Amendment.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The founding fathers made the right to keep and bear arms second only to the freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Mason, Samuel Adams and so many others, labored tirelessly to create a new nation with laws free from the tyranny of the old country. A place where the government would represent the people, not repress them.

As Americans, we have the luxury of living in a developed society where we can develop ourselves through education and critical debate. We have a responsibility to question ideas and confront issues that we have a stake in as citizens of this nation, be that the rights of yourselves or the rights of others when threatened by the state. Firearms are, first and foremost, a tool to secure your life and the lives of others, against any aggressor.

The people at Bravo Company USA and BCM support responsible private individuals having access to the same tools of civilian Law Enforcement to affect the same ends. Securing and defending ourselves, our loved ones and innocent people if the situation arises. As such Bravo Company’s policy is that law enforcement officials and departments will be restricted to the same type of products available to responsible private individuals of that same city or state.

How easy would it be to see only the money and not the principle. Bravo Company USA makes very clear that the principle is at stake, and the principle will be defended. Peel said

Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

Bravo Company deserves credit for not only siding with the people, but for calling out those who would pretend that a government paycheck somehow makes you better than your neighbors.

Thank you Bravo Company USA. You have been added to the New York Boycott list.

4 responses to “Bravo Company USA joins the New York Boycott

  1. The last cited paragraph from Bravo Company states it extremely well. Too many folks have forgotten that all Citizens of a given community (see ‘hue and cry;) have an obligation to that community, to see that it is safe and secure. Current police have evolved from the community watch as more and more folks became specialists of one sort or another (rise of the middle class) and it became more convenient to hire ‘professionals’ to maintain that community watch.Most coppers still think that way but there are an increasing number who sadly are putting themselves above the Citizens of the community they are supposed to be serving.

  2. marsha freeman

    Thank you for upholding our Second Amendment rights. Your letter was thought provoking and profound. It is refreshing these days to see a company place principles before profits. God bless our country and our people in her defense in the coming days.

  3. Awesome! I love BCM.

  4. It would actually mean something if they could show they sell to NYS.