GT Distributors (UPDATE: The Naughty List is gone)

UPDATE: The Naughty List is gone. After reading this post by The Minuteman, and having a phone conversation with him, I have decided that I am not going to have a Naughty List. I think that we will be better served by keeping this positive and using this list as a way to keep track of those who support us to the fullest. Doing otherwise threatens to turn this into a traitor hunt, which we don’t need.

When the day comes that we need to knife a REAL traitor, I’ll be there. Today is not that day.



They won’t sell you any 11+ round magazines unless you are a police officer.

Congratulations, GT Distributors. You’ve been added to the “Naughty” list.

Update: Here’s the text

Dear Customers,

Until further notice, we have decided to continue with the temporary measures put in place on December 26, 2012. Our customer service and retail staff are doing their best to answer customer inquiries by email, phone, and in stores, but the supply situation remains uncertain. It appears at this time it will take many months to fill the orders already in our system.

The majority of the current inquiries are for products we are sold out of and are in a heavy back order situation. These inquiries are affecting our core business of supplying Public Safety Equipment to those who protect our communities. As a temporary measure we are only accepting new orders for the following with Law enforcement ID or Agency Letterhead:

  • Magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds
  • AR-15, AK platform firearms, M1As, Mini-14s
  • .223/5.56 FMJ (Practice) ammunition

Orders already placed will be honored and will be filled in the order received.

We have spoken to many suppliers and product availability is getting worse. Several suppliers have ceased accepting orders, some project lead times to be longer than six months, and some will not provide lead times at all. We continue to use all of our resources to obtain product and make this policy change temporary.

We will strive to make this decision as short as possible as we are currently unable to get information from most of our suppliers on ETAs. G T Distributors is firmly committed to the firearms industry and has been since 1972. We also stand firm in our “No Price Gouging” policy.

Please check back with us often for the latest information via or at

Jim Orr


GT Distributors, Inc

19 responses to “GT Distributors (UPDATE: The Naughty List is gone)

  1. It occurs to me that the people on the gun maker list could specify that their distributors cannot end-run their ban and sell to departments anyway.

    It’s how Colt kept us unwashed from getting the LEO branded guns for nearly two decades.

  2. You folks do realize this is the start of a possible end run around firearms manufacturers that will lead to the federal government beginning production of firearms, etc, which will make it that much easier for them to control….instead of silly boycotts shouldn’t we all be joining together to fight this horseshit?

  3. Please, oh please! I can only dream that the US Govt would start trying to manufacture their own weapons. They would cost billions and wouldn’t work, just like everything else the Govt does.

    In case you don’t understand what’s going on, we are not boycotting firearms manufacturers. They manufacturers are boycotting New York (and other) police agencies on the basis that if it’s not permitted to the citizens, it’s not going to be sold to the police.

  4. Sean, just an FYI, this afternoon GT Distributors removed all of their Facebook entries that notified everyone that they where put on your naughty list. They also removed all entries asking them to boycott New York.

  5. The US Government DID manufacture all of their own weapons at one time. And slowly but surely private firms did a better job and eradicated the national armories. The M1 Garand was their last success, and their only product at the time.

  6. If the federal government would start producing firearms again they would screw that up like every thing else they touch. Not to mention by with all unionization it will cosy they 100, 000 per rifle

  7. I guess GT gets no more of my money …

  8. GT has been reliable, courteous and efficient in its sales to the public. They have always given individual discounts to LEO and military personnel, but have been a great source of weapons and gear for the rest of us as well. But what can can you expect when they have had orders for 3-4k ar15 and 3k Glocks for state police alone in a 12 month period? They have to honor their contracts. They sold my stepson a Glock 17 gen 4 at the end of January only because he is active duty military. They told him then that they would likely restrict sales to LE soon because of supply issues. I will not lump this seller together with other dodgy retailers.

  9. Sean, Email me a copy of the PDF. I have a full copy of Acrobat and I can run OCR on it and give you one you can copy/paste from. (It will help for search engine indexing).

  10. Who?

    Cannot say as though I have ever heard of GT Distributing before, which, I guess, is just as well :).

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  13. GT Distributing will not be making much money after all this is sorted out. We gun owners WILL remember who stood with us and who stood against us and we’ll spend our money accordingly. GTD is a disgrace. There are only approximately 800,000 LEO’s in this country and MILLIONS of law abiding gun owners. THE PEOPLE are your biggest customers and by taking the position you have, you stand to lose a lot of your customer base.

    BTW, GT Distributors, I’m a LEO and I stand with THE PEOPLE. I will not buy so much as a single .22lr round from you, ever. You are a traitor to the very people that have made your company successful.

  14. I don’t have any reason to believe that GTD’s Austin area LE, military or regular customers will sign on with your opinion lawdawg.

  15. Contrary to this post, as anyone who has actually shopped there (and I am a loyal non-LE customer) knows GT is a great friend to individual gun owners. All they are doing is to allocate a limited supply of items that have become incredibly scarce. Instead of jacking up prices (like CTD), they have decided to prioritize sales to their LE customers, most of which are in Texas and make up the bulk of their sales.

    Would i prefer that they join the boycott? Sure. But there’s nothing in GT’s policy that I can see that means they support what’s going on in NY, or would not sell the allocated items to individuals if only they had the inventory.

  16. GT’s Facebook page has something saying that they would “do the right thing” on Monday.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what that will be. I would accept a “We are prioritizing our Standard Capacity Mags and our AR rifles to LEOs, but we will not sell either one to LEOs who live in states where these items are banned.”

    I don’t demand that they sell these items to us. I do expect that they won’t sell to anything to LEOs that would be illegal for them to sell to the residents of that area.

  17. Sorry, but I still contend you’ve needlessly slandered a good friend to individual gun owners.

    Note the title of this thread. There’s nothing in GT’s policy that even remotely suggests that GT has ever said that they exist to serve “only” the LE community. It’s simply not true. If you don’t believe me, call the folks at LaRue Tactical.

    All GT has said it that they are temporarily allocating their supply of scarce items first to their LE customers. That doesn’t put them in the same category as companies like Armalite.

    You owe them an apology.

  18. I second LKB’s comments. True from my experience.

  19. UPDATE: I have removed the Naughty List. Read this post
    for an explanation