Kiss Tactical tells a California cop to get lost

It’s one thing to take a stand. It’s another to tell a cop and his money to take a hike.

on Saturday i refused to sell a AR-15 rifle to a police officer from California. he came into my shop and wanted to buy his duty gun in AZ because the same gun in his home state would cost him more. i told him that i would not sell him the gun even though he had his department letter saying he was able to buy it. I told him that if the gun was not legal for law abiding men and women in CA i would not sell it to him. after he told me that “civilians don’t need them type of guns” i asked to leave my shop. as he stomped out mad.

i have made a decision to not sell to any gun to police department that are not legal for civilians. we build custom AR-15 and have sold more then a few to cops in a few states. i am not sure how this will effect us but as we grow and our name gets out there more we will not change this policy.

Bold move. Thanks Kiss Tactical. You have been added to the New York Boycott list.

5 responses to “Kiss Tactical tells a California cop to get lost

  1. “civilians don’t need them type of guns”

    There’s that ‘need’ word again. It’s not a Bill of Needs!

  2. Cops need to remember they are civilians too.

  3. Thank-you Kiss Tactical, from a California citizen not allowed either!!

  4. Now there’s a shop I’d go out of my way to spend money in.

    If I had any money…. 🙁

  5. +1 Alan, The a-hole needs to be reminded he is a civilian.