Midway USA is officially on the New York Boycott list!

Midway USA has officially confirmed their status as charter members of the New York Boycott. The original TTAG letter was an internet hoax.

Neither Larry Potterfield, nor MidwayUSA as a company, has issued any statements or made any changes regarding policies about selling to government entities.

However, it has always been our policy not to sell or ship products to areas that have passed laws prohibiting such activity, and there are no exceptions dependent on the type of Customer.

Thanks for Your Business!

I have asked specifically if that means they will not sell to government agencies in ban states and they confirm that they will not. For that reason, I have added Midway USA to the New York Boycott list.

5 responses to “Midway USA is officially on the New York Boycott list!

  1. Yay! I want to continue shopping with them. 🙂 And I never go to TTAG, what a bunch of slimy trolling creeps.

  2. TTAG fabricating “news” to drive up their own traffic?

    Perish the thought.

  3. michael eggebrecht

    Larry is a class act. At this point it’s not about dollars.

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  5. Midway sucks lately. their “notify me” policy on out of stock items is stupid. It only benefits those who have nothing to do but watch for alerts so they can order first. Midway should bring back the backorder option so everyone gets a chance to buy the item when it arrives.