Norton Firearms joins the New York Boycott list

Norton Firearms,

Norton Firearms, Inc. is a strong defender of the US Constitution, not only the 2nd amendment. We believe that a government that restricts it Citizens from executing their Constitutional Rights is no longer a government for the people or by the people. It is our policy not to sell our products or services to any organization that tries to diminish the rights given to us by our US Constitution and our Creator. If you are a government agency with a policy of restricting our Constitutional Rights we ask that you take our tax dollars and spend it somewhere else. I am sure there is some profiteering communist foreign company that will be glad to take our dollars for their gain. We will only sell to law abiding, Citizens and those agencies that truly support and will defend The US Constitution. Jeffrey Norton …..

Thanks Norton Firerms. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

One response to “Norton Firearms joins the New York Boycott list

  1. Sean, I can’t tell you how it warms my little old heart to see the rate at which this list is growing!

    Good work!