Huntertown Arms joins the New York Boycott

When you make silencers, the police are your major market. Huntertown Arms doesn’t care.

The owners and employees of Huntertown Arms join others in our industry to denounce the unconscionable assault on the God-given right to self defense in contravention of our Founder’s intent as plainly and clearly expressed in the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, “Shall not be infringed” seems to be too many words for so many to understand.

Effective immediately, we will no longer sell or service any Huntertown Arms products to any law enforcement or governmental agency in any state or locale that would deny those same products to law-abiding citizens within their communities.

We look forward to the day when when this policy will be repealed.

Thanks Huntertown Arms. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

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