Iron Goat Guns joins the New York Boycott

Iron Goat Guns (cool name!)

As of February 16, 2013, Iron Goat Guns of Quanah, Texas will not sell any items to any agencies prohibiting or restricting sales of these same items to private citizens. This policy includes items under NFA rules such as short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors, AOW’s, and machine guns.

If a Chief Law Enforcement Officer will not sign Form 4’s for private citizens in his or her jurisdiction, Iron Goat Guns will not transfer NFA items to that agency. If future rules and policies in any jurisdiction further restrict private ownership of any related items, weapons, or accessories, Iron Goat Guns will expand its prohibitions on agency sales.

The owners of Iron Goat guns are pleased to join other companies in pushing back against those who would infringe on Second Amendment Rights. We urge all citizens and companies to enact similar policies. Further, we will support NO organization supporting any further restrictions on private ownership of weapons, accessories, or ammunition.

Thanks Iron Goat Guns. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

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