Lauer Custom Weaponry joins the New York Boycott. Again.

Lauer, the makers of DuraCoat gun finish have always had a beef with New York Mayor Nanny Bloomberg. When Bloomie pitched a bitch about guns painted some other color than black, Lauer started selling a Bloomberg Collection with all their brightest colors. Now they’ve joined in on our New York Boycott.

Lauer Custom Weaponry’s statement on the defense of liberty

February 22, 2013

As a result of unlawful legislation in the State of New York, LCW Manufacturing DBA Lauer Custom Weaponry will no longer arm any New York State government agency or employee thereof.

We will not assist, through the supplying of firearms and accessories, in what we believe to be the continued criminal and tyrannical takeover of the State of New York. We will apply the same attitude toward any other state that passes unlawful legislation that violates the rights and will of the people.

The subversion of the natural rights of the people must be stopped.

Manufacturers, dealers, and every citizen of this great nation must stand together in the fight for liberty. Our rights, as endowed by our Creator, are powerful yet fragile. They must be protected by vigilant citizens against the intentional destruction of them by sinister gangs of thugs. These criminals’ so-­‐called “laws” and political schemes must be halted and prevented.

If we as citizens of this great nation are to continue to live free and prosperous, we must stand strong for the liberties and rights given to us at birth and protected by our Constitution.

Steven M. Lauer, Owner

American Entrepreneur

Suck it Bloomie. I’m almost tempted to buy some purple DuraCoat get some unicorn stickers, and go to town on my rifle just to piss you off.

Thanks Lauer Custom Weaponry. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

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