Did it ever occurred to New Yorkers to just say no?

Mayor Nanny Bloomberg is going to start enforcing the 16oz soda limit.

The city Health Department last week began sending brochures to businesses that would be affected by the latest ban, including restaurants, bars and any “food service” establishment subject to letter grades.

And merchants were shocked to see the broad sweep of the new rules.

“It’s not fair. If you’re gonna tell me what to do, it’s no good,” said Steve DiMaggio of Caruso’s in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. “It’s gonna cost a lot more.”

It’s apparently a $200 fine for violations. Pizza delivery guys can’t even bring you a 2 liter with your pizza!

I thought that New Yorkers were tough. Why do they roll over for this crap? Why don’t they just tell the Health Department to get stuffed, refuse to pay the fines, and demand trials for ever single fine citywide?

Naaa. They’re too pussified to fight back.

7 responses to “Did it ever occurred to New Yorkers to just say no?

  1. They’ve given up… Plain and simple…

  2. The majority of Americans are socialized, indoctrinater, brainwashed, cowardly morons that deserve the government they have. To say no, would be to require original thought, suggesting action-that’s out of their scope and ability!

  3. FYI – looks like Beretta is threatening to leave Maryland if the governor’s anti-gun bill passes.


  4. Apathy, maybe; or worse, they agree with him?

  5. Definitely not agreeing. And just because the East Side Liberals elected this prick, doesn’t mean the other 90% of New York agrees with him, or likes him.

    Even the unaware ones will realize what this means, once it hits home. New York has a HUGE delivery industry, once people start going “what do you MEAN, I can’t have a 2-liter soda?!?!?”, s**t WILL hit the fan.

  6. What kind of people have a mayor and a govenor, especially in the same state at the same time. If these two assholes live in Arizona, they would have been tarred and feathered, and rode out-of-state on a rail.

  7. Chris: and given that it is a free state, the biggest problem would be explaining to the mob that “Tar” means “Pine Tar” not “Road Tar.”