Four new additions to the New York Boycott bring us to 70!

Seventy companies are now on the New York Boycott list.

Climags has a long standing policy

Q. Why was my Order Cancelled?

A. Typically it is because the items you ordered are not legal in either the place where it is being shipped to or your billing address. Please double check our High Capacity Laws page. We do NOT make exceptions for Military or Law Enforcement, if you want possess these items please get involved with your local politics. If your order is cancelled you will be issued a refund and emailed a reason for the cancellation.

Semper Fi Arms

We at Semper Fi Arms will stand in support of our guaranteed Second Amendment Rights. We will not be selling any of our products or services to any government agency or department where the same is not legal or prohibited for its citizens

I would personally like to express our gratitude to all of our customers across this great nation for your continued patronage and support. My wife and I look forward to our continued service to you, our customers.

Chris M Hunt


Semper Fi Arms

Southwest Shooting Authority


The decision was made by Southwest Shooting Authority on 9 February 2013 to prohibit the sales of ANY item to governmental agencies or officers/agents thereof of any state, county or municipality that does not allow it’s citizens to possess the same items. Put another way, if you don’t trust your citizens to own certain weapons, magazines or accessories, we don’t trust you with them either.

Our intent is not is not to stifle the effectiveness of the individual officer but, unfortunately, they are part of a machine that has taken a stand against the American people. You took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies…foreign and domestic. Many of the orders that you carry out are in direct conflict with the very nature of the oath that you took.

Many of your superiors have decided that these items are for “offensive” purposes. Excuse us, but your agency was not developed for “offensive” purposes. You are not fighting a war. Every human being deserves and is, in fact, guaranteed the right to due process under the very law that you portend to enforce. Your job is to defend yourselves against the criminal while in the process of bringing them to justice, NOT to judge them and execute them at your discretion.

Other agencies have stated that these items are for “defensive” purposes…theirs, not ours. We at SWSA have the utmost admiration and respect for LE, first responders, fire fighters, etc. but we must ask, why are your lives so much more important than ours? If you can have these weapons to protect yourselves against a savage criminal element, why can we not have the same weapons to protect ourselves against the same element?

For now, this policy only applies to local, county and state entities that have thrown the American people under the bus. If the United States government passes a ban on ANY weapons, magazines or accessories, this policy will apply to every federal agency and agent in the United States.

At Southwest Shooting Authority, we believe that the Constitution of the United States is a Divinely inspired document and is 2nd in importance only to God.

Csspecs Magazines

2/24/2013 We will no longer accept sales to any law enforcement or other agency, in areas that restrict ownership of the same product to citizens. We will not allow dealer orders that are intended to bypass our policies. Our products are made solely for use in lawful civilian recreational activities.

Thanks guys. You’ve all been added to the New York Boycott list.

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