Progressive Micro Devices doesn’t make or sell guns, yet they are on the New York Boycott list

This is a really strange one. Progressive Micro Devices doesn’t even make or sell guns. Yet I think they deserve inclusion into the New York Boycott list.

Progressive Micro Devices will NOT sell and products to any government agency where law enforcement officers or agents or politicians are excluded from gun grabbing laws or bans. We feel that the citizens of America have a right to keep and bear arms of their choice BEFORE any politician has a right to make laws that directly conflict with the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. The 2nd Amendment gives the citizens the RESPONSIBILITY to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS FOR THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE.

First, that’s a powerful statement. We always jump on people for saying “the Second Amendment ‘gives’ the right…” because we all understand that it doesn’t ‘give’ us anything. It merely prevents the government from restricting that pre-existing right. Progressive Micro Devices reminds us that we have the responsibility to defend the security of our free states, and the 2nd Amendment certainly points this out to us.

Secondly, Progressive Micro has gone out on a limb here. They make ground sensors, which are not something that most regular citizens would buy. They are generally something that sold to governments. Progressive Micro is putting themselves in the position where they might actually be losing business because of their stance. Apparently they have decided to take the moral of Aesop’s The Dog and the Wolf to heart. I know what you’re thinking. New York isn’t buying ground sensors in an effort to stop desperate Canadians from smuggling bottles of Les Trois Mousquetaires across the 45th parallel. But with the recent anti-gun bills introduced in New Mexico, Progressive Micro is taking a real risk.

Thanks Progressive Micro Devices. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.