More New York Boycott additions, plus the Jennifer Baker (Slayton) is AWESOME open thread

Many of you don’t hear this, but I answer a lot of New York Boycott email the same way. I’m making the list, but YOU are doing the hard work. You are the ones that are going out and making those contacts, asking companies to join the boycott. Thank YOU!

One of the busiest people on the internet must be Jennifer Baker (Slayton) She’s personally sent me something like 10 links. She’s doing incredible work, and I wanted to say a special thanks to her. Each of these companies are ones that she sent me.


Due to the total disregard of the 2nd Amendment Rights of Law Abiding Citizens of New York State… MFI will NO LONGER sell any of our products to ANY Government Agency within the boundaries of the State of New York. This means: NO SALES to any Federal, State, County, or City LE Agency as well as any Military Base in the State of New York

MFI invites its readers to contact their favorite Weapons, Accessory & Ammunition manufacturers, distributors and resellers to BAN ALL SALES to ALL Governmental Agencies within the boundaries of New York.

MFI now sells ONLY to the civilians of New York. Additionally we offer our NY Customers a 15% Discount on the total sale. (Including all sale prices)

 Critical Survival

Critical Survival will no longer make law enforcement sales to New York, Colorado, California, any and other states and jurisdictions which are infringing on the People’s Lawful Right to Arms as Guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

Our Policy will be posted on the web site and on the web store in the next couple of days.

The 2nd Amendment is for the whole people, not for a select few to decide whom shall have arms and how they will protect themselves.

DogLeg Arms

DOGLEG ARMS believes in an individual’s right to keep and bear arms as stated in the Second Amendment and confirmed by the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller.

DOGLEG ARMS will not sell or transfer any firearm to a state* or city** that restricts private citizens from ownership of certain Title 1 firearm (non NFA firearm) such as an AR-15 type rifle or high capacity magazines.

* States: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York

** Cities or Municipalities: City of Chicago, Cook County Illinois, Washington D.C.

Victory Defense

Policy Update for State and Local Agency Law Enforcement Sales:

In response to recent and numerous new Anti-Gun/Anti-2nd Amendment Laws passed and/or pending across our Nation, Victory Defense Consulting has been forced to reconsider the sale of products to State and Local Agencies in those States (specifically named below).

Effective Immediately, in an effort to see that all sales are legal, Victory Defense Consulting and our Managed assets or Companies and/or our employees, will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to the Law Enforcement / Government Agencies of those States. This means that if the citizens of any given State are no longer able to legally own our products/firearms we will not sell to any Local/State/Government Law Enforcement Agency in that State.

State and local laws have always been a serious concern of Victory Defense Consulting. We can’t, in good conscience, arm Governmental Agencies in States that infringe on the Constitutional Rights of their residents. As sad as that statement sounds it is even more heartbreaking that this may soon apply to our entire home State and definitely certain local Agencies already (Denver). We do not yet know the full impact this will have on our business. We hope our elected officials will hear the voice of us Coloradians and not turn their backs on $100+ MILLION in annual Tax Revenues and 2,000+ jobs that our State badly needs at this time in order to push a political agenda that does nothing to increase Public Safety.

Law Enforcement & Government Agencies, including sworn Law Enforcement Officers in areas we are proud to do business with may purchase said items directly from Victory Defense Consulting and our Managed Companies on Letterhead. Orders must be on Official Department Purchase Orders and be accompanied by a Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificate.

Thanks in Advance for your understanding. God Bless America.

 GWACS Armory

We have received an overwhelming amount of emails requesting a statement from GWACS Armory regarding our position on selling guns to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies where the State Legislature has infringed on the people’s Right to Bear Arms.

GWACS Armory will NOT sell or transfer any GWACS CAV-15 (full-auto or semi-auto) to any Law Enforcement Agency or other Department or Agency within… the borders and jurisdiction of any State that passes laws to specifically restrict the rights of law abiding citizens to buy and own guns produced by GWACS Armory for their private security and legal use…

The Second Amendment is very clear: The Second Amendment DOES NOT grant the people of the United States the “Right to Bear Arms” but it specifically PROHIBITS THE GOVERNMENT from infringing on the peoples right to keep and bear arms which the “Founding Fathers” and the people understood clearly existed prior to the Constitution.

The Bill of Rights was created to protect rights that the people (Americans) wanted to be sure the government could not trample. They believed these were “unalienable rights” and granted by God, not by man or any government; NO GOVERNMENT had the right to interfere with these Rights.

“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The current attack on the Second Amendment is polarizing this great Nation. The systematic dismantling of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights needs to end now. The Nation may be polarized over the Second Amendment with the majority of the media publically supporting the Governments infringements on our right to keep and bear arms. However, once the Second Amendment has been destroyed you can bet the people of this Nation, including the mass media, will pull together when the same elected officials go after the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of speech or of the press. Then it will only be a matter of time before the rest of the Bill of Rights and Constitution become nothing more than a footnote on the history of the once great Nation of the United States. Keep in mind; once the people’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms is gone the people will have no power to fight back!

I also want to make it VERY CLEAR that GWACS Armory strongly supports ALL of our men and women in uniform from the United States Armed Forces to every State and Local Law Enforcement Agency in the United States and of course every States National Guard units. All of these men and woman are sworn to uphold the US Constitution, not the elected officials personally. To show our support for these men and woman serving our country GWACS Armory offers a discount to Law Enforcement officers and Active Duty Military personal.

Jud Gudgel, President

GWACS Armory

Thanks! You have all been added to the New York Boycott list.

And a special thanks to Jennifer for all your hard work. I suspect you’ll be sending me some more names and links real soon.

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