So what’s the New York Boycott Strategy?

You’re here at this page for one of two reasons. Either you’re Michael Bloomberg and you want to know why a third tier regional gun blogger is picking on you, or you’re a freedom loving American and you want to know what the strategy is so you can help out.

If you’re Michael Bloomberg, stop being such an overbearing statist jerk. I have a mom, I have a dad, and I have a wife. I have no shortage of good advice on how to live my life from people who actually care about me. Mind your own business. You can still read the strategy part below if you like.

For everyone else, the ultimate goal is to see every single firearm manufacturer refusing to sell anything to any State or local unit of government that they can’t sell to their residents. For example, New York makes it illegal to sell any ammunition magazines that hold more than 7 rounds. Since no resident of New York can buy an 8 round magazine, the police shouldn’t be able to buy them either. New York also makes it illegal for residents to buy “Assault Weapons,” so the police shouldn’t be able to buy them either. 

But Sean! The police NEED these “high-capacity” magazines and “assault weapons” to do their job!

Apparently there are people who don’t realize that the residents have to deal with the same criminals that the cops do. The problem is that we don’t have the luxury of a Bat Belt full of equipment and a radio to call all our armed friends when we deal with those same criminals. There are two arguments possible. Either “Assault Weapons” and “High-Capacity” magazines are “weapons of war that have no place on our streets,” or they are ordinary tools useful for lawful defense of self and others. Either the ordinary citizen gets to have them or no one gets to have them. There is no possible third argument. The police and the government are our employees. We are not their children, their serfs, or their wards.

But Sean! Why won’t these companies just stop selling guns to the citizens? Don’t they make all their money from selling guns to the police?

Let’s do some math. There are about 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the entire US. That includes Federal, State, and Local police, plus every other armed agent of the state with police powers. There were a minimum of 2,495,440 guns sold in the US in January 2013 alone!(PDF)

If every single sworn law enforcement officer in the US chucked their guns into a metal shredder and bought a new gun, that would be less than one-third of the total number of guns sold to residents in January alone!

WE are the market. Glock, SIG, and S&W sell guns to the police so that WE will buy them. They sell guns to them as a marketing gimmick, so they can say “See, they are good enough for the police, they’re good enough for you!”

In 2000, Smith and Wesson, which was owned by a British corporation at the time, made an agreement with Bill Clinton to stop selling certain guns to the general public. The general public responded by boycotting Smith and Wesson. The British corporation bought S&W in 1987 for $115 Million. In 2001, after only 13 months of being boycotted, they sold S&W to their present owners for a package price of $45 million. The new owners immediately repudiated the Clinton agreement and are now profitable once more.

Every gun company knows this. Every company knows that when the day comes that their customers tell them, “it’s us or them,” they will have to side with us. So call them and ask them to side with us now. We don’t have to threaten them with a boycott yet. They already know. Just ask them to join our boycott.

Great Sean, so why are we only calling Glock, SIG, and Smith & Wesson?

There are two reasons.

  1. If I gave you a list of 50 gun manufacturers, would you call every one of them? Would all your gun owning friends call every one of them? What if I gave you three? How many people would be willing to make three phone calls versus how many would make 50?
  2. Glock, SIG, and Smith & Wesson sell the only three pistols that the NYPD authorizes for on duty uniformed carry. None of those three pistols is available with a 7 round magazine, so they can’t be sold to residents of New York. If we get Glock, SIG, and S&W to boycott New York, we’ve cut off Nanny Bloomberg’s NYPD.

So that’s it. Three companies are an easy number to get people to call, and these three companies supply Bloomberg’s NYPD.

But Sean, I REALLY want to call more companies.

Great. Go HERE. Firearms Policy Coalition has made a big list of companies you can call. BUT CALL SIG, Glock, and Smith & Wesson FIRST! We want to stick it to Nanny Bloomberg hard.