Two more additions to the New York Boycott

2A Armament

With current regulations and laws being pushed in states such as New York and California that limit the rights of the people, 2A-Armament has decided to stand next to its brothers in the firearms manufacturing industry. Knowing that all men are created equal, it has become evident that some are more equal than others by way of regulations that usurp the very Constitution we took an oath to protect…. Our name alone reflects what our company stands for.

Effective immediately, 2A-Armament will not sell its product, manufacturing time, or machine time to those States, Agencies, Departments, or individual officers who seek to strip the people of the United States of their Constitutional rights. We encourage other manufacturers to take the same course of action. 2A-armament will not provide the tools to those who wish to use them against the very people who make up these United States of America.

Ryan Jacobson



Daniel Byer FFL

From now own no restricted items to LE if your citizens can not own it, I will not sell it to your agency either

Thanks. You are both added to the New York Boycott list.

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