So New York bans guns then holds a “Tactical Expo!”

So Governor Cuomo rammed through a deeply unconstitutional anti-gun law so poorly written that it didn’t even have an exception for law enforcement. How will the New York Tactical Officer’s Association celebrate?


They’re going to have a grand time whooping it up in their own private SWAT show! They even have a “Comedy Night.”

A little bird told me that when they were asked about the legality of displaying weapons which were banned by the NY SAFE Act, show promoters responded thusly:

“Larry Beresnoy, The Executive Director of NYTOA, was advised by the NY State Police Headquarters Legal Department that as long as an Distributor/Vendor has a Federal Firearms License (FFL) they can bring inoperable weapons to the New York Tactical Expo, since Law Enforcement is authorized to purchase these weapons. The only exception is silencers, they are only allowed for demo, not display. ”

Umm…. No they are not.

And that’s beside the point. What gun manufacturer could go to this expo, sell their guns to SWAT “operators,” and then even attempt to look the citizens of New York in the eye? How could they possibly say to their customers “You can’t buy this, but we’ll sell it illegally to the police who will be charged with taking your guns away.”

I looked through last year’s Vendor list (PDF page 20), and pulled out the those who sell guns, magazines, and ammo.

All I can say is that any firearm manufacturer who shows up to this Expo is basically spitting in the face of all their citizen customers. Maybe they need to skip this expo.

I am maintaining the list of firearm manufacturers who already refuse to sell anything to police that they can’t sell to the citizens of that area. I wouldn’t want to have to add more to the “Naughty” list.

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  1. Yep, but will any of the big boys actually DO it???

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  3. Just made the phone call to Glock. Poor girl. She had no idea what I was talking about. So, I explained why I felt it important that Glock make a statement by NOT attending the show.

  4. Now, Sig and S&W……….

  5. “Southern Police Equipment” -? Shades of Democrat Bull Connor… But they’re in Richmond, VA – they might be persuadable. What love can a Virginian have for NooYawkerrs?

  6. I’m going to stop by Southern Police Equipment tomorrow. I’ll talk to them.

  7. As owner of Southern Police I find it funny that I would be listed with all those big manufacturers. I all so say Thank You. People might keep in mind,
    large Tactical Shows bring officers from all over the country for training.
    It’s sad what is happening in our business right now.
    LE distributors as myself are limited to their states, for the sell of guns.
    Is it fair to target the people that protect your life, because of a bunch of

  8. Yes. It is fair…I suppose, to your way of thinking, the SS and the Gestapo were protecting life by following Hitlers orders.

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  10. If it is not good enough for us citizens, then it is not good enough for our LEO’s. This is not about keeping the LEO’s from having the equipment to do their jobs it is about the American people and freedom

  11. Police are civilians just like everyone else. They can suck it like everyone else. Do LEOs believe they are special?

  12. John E. Booth

    The majority of us LEO’s do not support this law, nor what it ultimately means for our freedoms. Remember, most of us LEO’s are former or retired military veterans. I myself am retired military. And, unfortunately, I am now right in the middle of this mess here in NYS. I disagree with Southern Police Equipment’s assessment, because I believe he’s missing the point: if these draconian laws pass nationwide, we, the LEO’s, will be unable to protect you the citizen, let alone ourselves and our own families, because the very companies these laws are targeting will no longer exist due to their inability to legally manufacture, sell, or distribute their products. So, to answer your question, no, the majority of LEO’s do not feel they are special. I, for one, have written my legislators, local gun companies, and folks such as NSSF, encouraging them to bring pressure to bear on those whom support these asinine laws. Help your local Sheriff; get a collection together, bring in a well known, reputable constitutional lawyer to assist with a brief for the Sheriff, so he/she can stand up against the State and tell them to pound sand. Remember, we can’t help you fight these laws if you don’t give us any support. Our jobs are on the line, just as is the jobs at Remington. My family has worked there since its inception, I grew up a stones throw from Remington. I for one don’t want to see Big Green go. Please don’t tar & feather all LEO’s; we are not all cut from the same cloth.

  13. John: here’s what pisses me off. I know that 99% of the time when I call a cop to help me, he’s coming and willing to do what is necessary to keep me alive. I know that if I shoot a home invader or an attacker on the street, 99% of street cops will do their job and investigate while privately cheering a good guy winning. Yet these 99% of cops are led be political animals willing to prostitute their uniforms and polish their stars for the cameras demanding more gun control. It’s those assholes that I can’t stand.

    Sure I get pissed off when I get a ticket. I get irate when a cop abuses his authority like the clown in Columbus, OH. But 99% of the street cops are on my side and I know it. It’s your leadership that needs a swift kick in the pants. Please work together to make that happen. We can’t do it from the outside.

  14. maybe if LEO’s would protest the law with us.. that might look a little bit better if the citizens would have the support of Cops for once… maybe if we had the majority of the LEO’s to protest it might hit home harder then just the citizens. You don’t want us to tar and feather you guys then why don’t you HELP US OUT instead of just saying don’t blame us !!! and why is it now that LEO’s are in are corner now, LEO’s do not help us unless you guys have something to gain out of it.

    why dose LEO’s need weapons that we can not have ????

  15. I’ve heard some stories about NY State Police calling their union hall in very large numbers telling the union to stand up against the NY Safe Act.

  16. John (Booth), here is the harsh reality. LEO all look alike, function the same in the LEO herd, serve first to “protect the blue” and there is no way the civilian can tell the good from the bad. I have LEO friends who tell me privately they will leave the force if it gets bad, I have no idea if they will or will not and until they take a physical stand, remove the badge and gun up next to civilians at risk of their own life they are like all other LEO………. ……….ready to enforce whatever bad law comes down the path.

    But some will suggest Oathkeepers and Constitutional Sheriffs will stand with the right….But at this point, even those who say they will not enforce future law will turn around and enforce equally bad existing laws to keep federal grants in place and protect their power. As I learned as a child, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck….so far all LEO are the same and that is not a good thing for team freedom.

  17. There were more LEO’s at the Albany rally then people realize. I was on the steps right in front of the tent. Don’t think that we do not care. Don’t lump us in with the career lackeys that are just ticket punchers. We are citizens first.

    I have made the decision to retire before being ordered to comply. The morale in LE is low in general. All of this talk about enforcing provisions of this law just makes things worse.

    I applaud the sheriff’s and county legislatures that have publicly stated they’re against this law. I also get a pit in my stomach for those Officers who will be forced to comply/enforce this asinine law. I, for one will not. It’s a tough spot to be in. You’ve invested ten or twenty years of your life into your career and then run into this idiocy. The one’s who are 1, 2 or even 5 years away from retirement and have kids who are in college ect. It’s a tough spot.

    Keep up the heat and don’t waiver. I for one will heading south eventually.

  18. “….forced to comply/enforce…..” that will not wash in the end…..”i was forced” was not an excuse for the NAZIs who killed millions who said they were forced after WWII and it did not fly in Vietnam at places like My Lai. Wrong is wrong…..storm troopers are storm troopers…..murder is murder…… honor, no regard should be given to evil.

  19. I just emailed Sig Sauer, Glock and Smith & Wesson asking them why I should ever purchase another one of their weapons when they are supporting state governments that are trying to prevent me from buying their products. I tried to be professional and honest with my questions, I even mentioned some of the things I liked about the firearms that I own from each company.

    Finally I told them all that there are plenty of firearms manufacturers out there that aren’t assisting the very people that are infringing on my 2nd Amendment rights.. I asked them to pass my distaste with their company decision to sell to NY LEO’s and stated that I and millions of other citizens will be watching. Carefully..

  20. Time to start hitting all the facebook pages and calling all the weapons manufacturers and press them to boycott or step out of this show in NY….

  21. Everyone Watch-out for FACEBOOK suspending your account for “Spam” just for commenting “Thank you” to the companies on the list! I think it’s their auto spam system seeing X many same “thank yous” within a give amount of time…. SO make sure you change it up a bit, by a word or two, each time you post your support.

    Please make sure you go down the list and thank each company for supporting this movement! If you don’t go out of your way, they may not go out of their way the next time…. and sadly we all know that there will be a next time!

  22. I have a great deal of difficulty having any empathy for leo’s caught in this mess. Firstly, deciding to enforce unconstitutional laws and arresting people for failing to comply with all those laws, is a daily choice. I am not talking about firearms laws exclusively…i’m talking about laws like property tax and the multitude of other unconstitutional laws officers DECIDE to enforce every day.
    I do not understand or sympathize with someone who wakes up and makes the conscious decision to go out to a job that is 70% generate revenue for the state/city, and 20% speeding and drunk driving, and 10% protect and serve, right and wrong.
    I don’t care what you believe, in my opinion, that is why the perception of leo’s is so bad. You went out and did 5000 things that had nothing to do with right and wrong and the 40 things you did that actually helped someone made up for that magically somehow? So my problem with leos is that, no matter what they say or believe, they are going to do what they are (“ordered me to do, i just did my job”) ordered to intentionally and consciously aware that it isn’t right.
    Before most of you get pissed off and read me the riot act “cops are heroes” bs, think about it. read through your state and city laws and THINK ABOUT IT!
    Kudos to these patriotic manufacturers, and god save us from the “Rule of Law.”

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