A Silencerco honorable mention

This doesn’t quite meet the standard for inclusion in the New York Boycott, but I wanted you to read it. This is what happens when a company has really sensible people working for it.

Silencerco LE Statement

Recently we have been asked what our policies are regarding the sale of silencers/sound suppressors to governmental agencies is in states where civilian sales are illegal.

Our policy is as follows: For any LE agency purchase, REGARDLESS of geographic location or the state laws regarding NFA transfers to civilians, we require a “Statement of Benefit” document signed by the Chief Law Enforcement official in the requesting jurisdiction. This statement reinforces the reasons that silencers are beneficial for ALL user groups, including civilians. These statements are then filed and can be used at our prerogative to assist in our lobbying efforts to legalize civilian silencer ownership and hunting with silencers where they are prohibited by state law. Silencerco/SWR’s goal is to promote the use and ownership of silencers for civilians, Law Enforcement and Military. We do not support agencies whose administrations do not support the rights of the people to own these important personal protection devices.

Quite simply, agencies who won’t sign the statement of benefit and thereby assist our efforts to promote silencer ownership and usage, will not be sold or supported by us.

Thanks guys! Making the cops admit that silencers are beneficial makes it easier for us later. Good job!

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