Two more additions to the New York Boycott list

Jeremy Kupper’s Gunsmithing

Hey everyone I wanted to make it clear that I will NOT be serving states that will arm some, but not all. Some very big names have started the list and I am very happy to be added to it. If our elected leaders will not allow us the right to bear arms and protect ourselves then I can not in good faith arm the men and women that protect them and may one day look to take the arms we do have. So I will not be selling to any state or county that limits arms, magazine capacity, or any of the other ridculous ideas that the left is coming up with.

Hansohn Brothers

The executives and staff of Hansohn Brothers, join in solidarity with our peers within the firearms industry denouncing the continuous assault on our God-given right to self defense and the assault on the tools needed to effectively manage that task.

Our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment to our Constitution in plain English so it could be understood by all. Unfortunately it seems quite a few of our elected officials lack the ability to comprehend basic English.

Hansohn Brothers has always had, and will continue to have, a policy of not selling products to any law enforcement or government agency within a state or municipality that denies those same products to their law-abiding citizens. This includes NFA items to counties and independent cities within Virginia where the Chief Law Enforcement officer will not sign to allow private ownership.

Chris Hansohn, Chief Operating Officer

Thanks! You’ve both been added to the New York Boycott list.

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