Wilson Combat joins the New York Boycott

About a dozen people on Twitter and email let me know that Wilson Combat has joined the New York Boycott.

Wilson Combat Announces

Anti-Gun States, No-Sale Policy

Effective: February 28, 2013

Wilson Combat will no longer provide any products or services to any State Government imposing legislation that infringes on the second amendment rights of its law abiding citizens. This includes any Law Enforcement Department, Law Enforcement Officers, or any State Government Entity or Employee of such an entity. This also applies to any local municipality imposing such infringements.

States currently included in our No-Sale Policy are:

Wilson Combat will in NO way support the government of these states or their anti-gun agenda that only limits the rights of law-abiding citizens. Wilson Combat will continue to supply any product and/or service they can legally sell in these states to all non-government affiliated citizens.

Ryan Wilson,

Vice President

I think that VP Joe Biden has something to say about this

Thanks Wilson Combat. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

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