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Got a link today from an odd direction.

The second element of the boycott is to refuse to sell to cops, to police agencies or any law enforcement firearms which can’t be bought by “civilians”. This was begun with folks like Cheaper Than Dirt and MidwayUSA, large internet gun shops that are intrinsically tied to the NRA with their extensive advertising in print, broadcast and internet media.

I’m honestly a bit surprised it wasn’t a bit more spittle flecked. Usually when the Left gets on about guns and us cousin humping gun fetishists, they don’t even attempt to maintain any pretense of evenhandedness.

It also means that the decisions regarding regulations that are intended to impact gun violence will be played out in both legislative houses across the country as well as in the free market with businesses and consumers alike able to “put their money where their mouth is”. Some companies, like Barrett would likely fold if they maintain and extend their boycott to the federal government should the federal Assault Weapons Ban pass…the main customers of their $10,000, 50 caliber sniper rifle are government…and that is how the free market works.

It’s so cute when Leftists try to explain economics. It’s like listening to the guys on “Big Bang Theory” explain how women think. Here’s a reminder.

We, the consumers, hold the whip hand.

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  1. Cool…a discussion about numbers.

    You left out that of the 75-80 Million gun owners 33-40% of us are “leftists”. You also left out that, of 313 Million Americans, only 1.6% are NRA.

    As for spittle flecked…I have been a gun owner since Nixon, a shooter since Eisenhower [albeit at 5]. Don’t assume that what I write is anti gun, it is not. It is, however very much anti-intransigence to the subject of gun violence. And it is intransigence which is going to negatively affect ALL gun owners.

    If you spend time reading what I have written, I am very much against both fringe points of view. There are three groups of people in this gun debate. The gun rights folks [of various degrees], the gun regulation folks [also of various degrees] and the third, extremely large hump of the bell curve, those Americans who, prior to 2011 didn’t have an opinion one way or the other regarding firearms. But Tucson, IHOP, Oakland, Clackamas, Oak Creek, Aurora and Sandy Hook got their attention. They like safe malls, churches, restaurants, bars, theaters and schools.

    So, while you might think that gun consumers “hold the whip hand”…NOPE…it is that now pissed off middle of the bell curve.

    Thanks for visiting, by the way.

  2. Also, about those numbers…you contradict yourself a little bit by showing the 800,000 cops number…they are going to buy from someone…it’s that simple.

    And what I keep seeing, “consumers” are not making their buying decisions based on who is or is not boycotting…Smith is not yet you can’t find a J Frame anywhere.

    And as for the 2.5 Million guns bought in January…So? it is folks buying second and third or 50th guns. And at some point that group of multiple gun owners will slow down. It would be impressive IF that was new owners, but the gun shop owners I know say most is long time customers in panic mode.

    It will make interesting economics when an assault weapons ban doesn’t pass [ I doubt it would] and the market is suddenly glutted.

  3. How do I contradict myself? The last time someone bet on government sales over regular sales was Smith and Wesson. They lost that bet. Every single gun manufacturer knows this.

    And you keep telling yourself that all the guns are going to previous gun owners. The Concealed Carry instructors have been saying different for YEARS now. In addition to building the New York Boycott list, I monitor NC Concealed Handgun Permit numbers. There’s a 20% growth in that per year. That’s not the same guys getting a second CHP.

    Gun control is dead. It’s the message hasn’t reached the head yet, so it’s still kicking a bit, but it’s dead.

    And when the market gets glutted is when our plan really begins to work. We will be picking and choosing who to buy from. Guess who will get picked first?

  4. umm…what does the time one applies for concealed carry have to do with how long they have been a gun owner? I have owned guns over 40 years…I have had my CC less than 5.

    Right now there appears to be between 8-10 Million CC permits yet 75-80Million gun owners. That means over 50 Million gun owners DON’T have a CC permit.

    There is little way to glean, besides anecdotal evidence of just who is a new owner.

  5. “Gun control is dead.”

    Tell New York, Maryland, Colorado and other states who have active legislation in the pipe that it is dead. And of the 40 bills now in Congress at the federal level…some will die…others will not.

  6. Fascist states don’t count Mac.

  7. The antis love to claim that the steady rise in gun sales over the years is gun owners hoarding more and more guns. And they’ll point to a survey that shows that household gun ownership is decreasing. LOL!

    If someone you don’t know calls you (so they have your name and number) and asks if you own guns, many folks will just say “No”.

    Look at the list of best-selling guns every year. How many gun owners who own a Glock, M&P or XD are going out to buy a High Point or Taurus? How many pre-Sandy Hook black rifle owners rushed out to drop $2k on a Bushmaster?

    The reality is that gun ownership, and black rifle ownership, is increasing, but if the gun grabbers were to acknowledge that, they risk alarming their followers, who might decide that if everyone else is buying guns, perhaps they ought to have one too.

  8. Anecdotal data, to be sure, but I took the day off on Friday and went shooting and visited most of the local gun shops. The guys behind the counter in every one told me that the guns are going to new folks. One place in particular said that they were getting folks in the shop who were either new gun owners, or folks who had not owned a gun a long time.

  9. There’s a another example of a company that bet on government sales and lost. Colt.