MagPul joins the New York Boycott!

This is BIG. This is “Joe Biden doesn’t have enough swear words” big.



March 1st, 2013

Back in 1990, when I was deployed in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a Marine grunt, some companies prioritized me items for my M16 for shipping that I purchased with my own funds. After getting out and forming Magpul in 1999, I established the same priority policy for Military and Law Enforcement, due to the requirements of their profession.

The same policy has been in place for 13 years now and has never been an issue until a few days ago. I do not support the idea that individual police officers should be punished for the actions of their elected officials. That said, I understand the concerns that some have with Law Enforcement officers getting special treatment while at the same time denouncing second amendment rights to another citizen in the same state.

With the fight in Colorado right now we do not have time to implement a new program, so I have suspended all LE sales to ban states until we can implement a system wherein any Law Enforcement Officer buying for duty use will have to promise to uphold their oath to the US Constitution – specifically the second and fourteenth amendments – as it applies to all citizens.

Richard Fitzpatrick

President/CEO – Founder

Magpul Industries

I like the bit about the renewal of their oath before doing business.

Thanks MagPul. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

22 responses to “MagPul joins the New York Boycott!

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  2. the_right_reverend

    WELL DONE!!!!! Just a Marine doing whats right


  3. The bit about the 14th amendment is hard core.

  4. +1 For the guys at Magpul! You will continue to get my business.

  5. David Morse

    I have no dog in this fight at the moment, but darned if I won’t make Magpul my sole source for mags when I do. It speaks volumes for a business to forego revenue in this day and time. I sincerely applaud you and your company for standing for our citizen’s constitutional rights when so many of their elected officials are throwing them under the bus.

  6. This is a crock.
    Magpul has NOT joined the Boycott.

    LE will just lie to get the products, and Magpul won’t do anything to guarantee they hold up their promise. This is just a do-nothing effort to make it seem like they stand with the people. THEY DO NOT.

    They made up this easy to lie about “promise” so they can keep supporting and profiting from ban state governments.

    Boycott means NO period, not NO….unless you pinky swear to be a good boy.

  7. Matthew Carberry

    Guy, It’s called honor. An honorable man expects it of others until they -prove- the lack.

    Who are you to pre-emptively call all leo’s liars? Who are you to question the honor of a Marine and small business owner who has already proven his mettle via his actions in Colorado?

    Get off my side.

    Go start your own blog and boycott list if this one doesn’t meet your standards.


    Matthew Carberry, former Sgt. of Marines and someone willing to use their full name when criticizing other men

  8. I didn’t call all LE liars, I said LE will lie…and the fact is that some of them will. I didn’t question anyone’s honor, I gave a negative criticism of this, frankly, transparent business move.

    Your side? You can’t even properly defend it. Not once did you make anything that resembled a cogent or logical argument. You didn’t address any points I made outside of your misrepresentation of what I said about LEs.

    In fact you used the same emotional appeal tactic that gun controllers use when they invoke “the children”, you invoke “honor” and “real name”.

    I understand you think it’s some personal slight, it isn’t. It has nothing to do with the Marines or your beloved Corp. I didn’t once impugn his service, in fact I used the plural ‘they’. Is he multiple people?…no.

    It has everything to do with a company that is acting like it’s boycotting while setting up a system so they can continue sales in boycotted areas.

  9. Right Logic

    It is a step in the right direction, tho it is relying on the honor system. It reminds me of the movie “The Princess Bride” when the bad guy says to the distraught girl “I’ll send my four fastest ships” to find her missing boyfriend, when the bad guy himself has her boyfriend tied up in the basement! While I hate to side with Guy who on the surface looks like the bad guy here… His logic cannot be denied. A man relying on honesty from his adversary will be bested by one without it, every time… Like being in a 10 step pacing duel; the honorable man will surely be shot in the back before knowing what hit him, unless other honorable armed men stand by to make certain justice is done. So while I am thankful Magpul took a step; there is a large probability they will experience a “No good deed goes unpunished” feeling for making a decision that should have been more thought out.

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  11. Matthew Carberry


    First off, I don’t take it personally, for myself or the Marines. What I abhor is that cynicism is being allowed to treat the concept of honor as nothing or risable. That’s ethics itself, virtue, being besmirtched. Virtue derives from reason, appeals to it are appeals to reason, not mere emotion.

    You act honorably for the sake of honor, knowing that dishonorable people will violate the trust. Lying sullies the liar, not the person they lie to. The burden isn’t on Magpul to create some perfect system, it is enough that they state their intent and take meaningful steps to enact it.

    That some LEO may circumvent it is no more Magpul’s fault than that of a theft victim who locks their doors but has their house broken into anyway.

    Your explanation is a tautology. So you didn’t say “all LE will lie”, but rather that “lying leos will lie?” If you have a way to tell them apart prior to them acting I’m sure Magpul, and a host of other folks, would be interested. Barring that, Magpul’s action puts the burden of acting dishonorably on the liars while not unjustly punishing the honorable.

    I realize in this modern age of cynicism virtues like honor and integrity are considered weak and naive, but some people take them seriously and use them as guides for action. To criticize those people for doing so is necessarily to criticize the virtues themselves. It behooves those who would challenge the personal integrity and honor of others, as well as the virtues themselves, to have the integrity and honor themselves to at least use their own full names. If you believe your version of ethics, that your values are superior, stand up for them.

  12. Aaron Atwood

    Guy: if Magpul is really just looking for profits then why are they deliberately defying the antis in Colorado in their faces by prioritizing PMAG orders to confirmed Colorado residents (up to 10 PMAGs, which as a Corporal of Marines I consider sufficient for one AR), and giving those same residents a flat-rate shipping cost of $5?
    A contract with LE or any government agency for that matter is far more profitable; so why is Magpul doing its “Boulder Airlift” program?
    BTW these same government contracts, mind you, are likely the very reason why the big names in gun manufacturers (Colt, S&W, Glock, Sig Sauer, etc.) haven’t officially taken any side yet. Closing out on a contract isn’t as simple as you might like to believe. Don’t believe that? Enlist and find out for yourself.

    Outside of that: Sgt. Carberry, this veteran Corporal’s got your back. +1 on everything you said; you took the words right out of my mouth.

  13. This new policy is nothing more than an obfuscation of their previous policy. It’s not being done for money, they clearly believe that selling to LE in ban states is not unjust preferential treatment and this absurd, unenforceable “promise” that they are going to require appears to simply be a red herring to throw off the rightfully deserved backlash they are receiving.

    Police departments are political organizations and if a purchasing agent is going to defy their chain of command and not place an order because of a box that needs to be checked, they will find themselves out of a job, so they will check the box and move on to other things. The ban states will still get their mags but Magpul gets plausible deniability: “It’s not our fault they used our mags, they pinky swore that they wouldn’t use them in gun grabbing raids!!”

    Many many other companies have made their stance crystal clear: in this fight you are either for the 2A or against it, you cannot ride the fence as Magpul seems to be attempting to do here.

  14. You either sell to people in states that have anti 2A laws or you don’t.
    Please give me one reason that a cop “needs” a 11-30 round magazine any more than I do.

    Because bad guys won’t obey the law and they may need to be equally armed???

    I think that applies to me too, no?

    Loose the weasel words Magpul. Cops are civilians, treat them like the rest of us civilians.

  15. Paul lucento

    Good for everyone letting the government know that we the people are the boss.

  16. Magpul has the clout to make a difference in this matter. Too bad they decided that there should be 2 classes of citizens in this country. Magpul, you have lost my dollars.

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  18. Please Magpul, rethink your position. Honorable people choose a side, they do not play in the middle of the road or pick the “lesser of two evils” in a lame attempt to placate both sides.

    Honor is hard to the core and makes the hard stand/choice. I swore an oath to the Constitution like many in Magpul, the 2nd amendment’s “shall not be infringed” leaves a truly honorable man without any doubt to its meaning or intent. To say otherwise is one searching for an excuse in order to make a dishonorable decision.

    No where does it allow for a two-tier class of firearm ownership based on badge elitism.

    I love Magpul but I will never purchase a thing from them again until they realize that they must make a stand with “We the People”.

    Does Magpul allow law abiding citizens to click “I promise … ” to get the otherwise same banned items, as they are conveniently offering to police?

    The few police that have no care for honor will click the “promise” button just as fast has the one’s that do…. so just as many police only guns are sold in the end! Smoke & Mirrors, The Illusionist Prestige!

    Magpul found a nice little way to not impact their sales/profit which doesn’t sound too honorable to me.

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  20. You folks coming down on Magpul obviously didn’t read the release thoroughly. It states that Magpul currently has suspended sales to LE in ban States until they can implement a policy. That gives them time to work up something that they feel comfortable doing. That policy will likely not be implemented until after they relocate and get settled in. Until then I would suggest politely sending them your ideas on what that policy should be. I am sure that once you calm down and start thinking about it you can come up with some good ideas.

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