New additions to the New York Boycott list

Allied Armory

No More Exemptions

Dark clouds are forming over our nation. We as a people need to stand and fight for our rights as they have been infringed for far too long. Here at Allied Armory we are proud to stand and fight alongside with you.

As of March 1st 2013, Allied Armory will no longer exempt any Law Enforcement or Government Agency in states which restrict its citizens.

Reaper Tactical

“The people at Bravo Company USA and BCM support responsible private individuals having access to the same tools of civilian Law Enforcement to affect the same ends…As such Bravo Company’s policy is that law enforcement officials and departments will be restricted to the same type of products available to responsible private individuals of that same city or state.”

While we do not have a large LEO and Government customer base making this statement appear to have no teeth, we will follow Bravo Company’s lead in WI. No jurisdiction which restricts the rights of it’s citizens to own firearms will be serviced by this company. I will extend this to include any and all NFA firearms. Any Chief or Sheriff who refuses to sign ATF Form 1 or ATF Form 4 for it’s citizens, need not seek out our products.

Truly Tactical

All sales will be subject to the SAME laws that apply to citizens… If your State law forbids or regulates an item that we sell in the case of ownership, possession, or use by a regular law abiding Citizen… then… those SAME rules will be applied to ALL… regardless of badge or credentials.

NO sales to Federal Agencies or Federal Agency Employees….

Caveat: We WILL sell/ship to Sworn US Military personnel on Active Duty with proof of current membership in Oathkeepers.

Competition Machine

A message from Gary M. Eliseo, owner of Competition Machine Inc. 2/27/13

After the horrifying attack on the school children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School by a mentally deranged individual we were shocked and wounded as a nation. But some unscrupulous politicians exploited this tragedy to push an unconstitutional agenda against law abiding citizens who pose no threat to public safety; on the contrary the law abiding armed citizens of this country are the one force set in place by the framers of the constitution to protect our country against tyranny from without or within.

Although we do not manufacture semi automatic sporting rifles we are very much aware that the forces bent on outlawing our right to own such arms have no intention of stopping there, in fact there are already several states attempting to ban any firearm with a detachable magazine, if they are allowed to succeed in banning semi autos it will just be a matter of time before they go after “sniper rifles” (aka; your deer or target rifle).

Thinking people realize that theses political knee jerk reactions will have no effect on public safety as criminals don’t obey the law. The forces behind this legislation know this as well, “people control” is what’s driving them, it is imperative that we lawful gun owners stand together to defeat this unlawful action by this small group of lawmakers attacking our liberty.

As such Competition Machine Inc. will not support the following;

1. Any municipal, state or federal agency where its citizens are forbidden from lawfully owning any of the commonly available modern semi automatic sporting rifles on the market today.

2. Any municipal, state or federal agency where its citizens are required to register their firearms or possess a license to own a firearm.

3. Any municipal, state or federal agency where its citizens are required to register their ammunition purchases or posses a license to buy ammunition.

Yours in freedom

Gary M. Eliseo

Competition Machine Inc.

Anaheim, CA

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