Triangle Tactical interviews me about the New York Boycott and more

Luke, of Triangle Tactical, asked me to be on his podcast to talk about the New York Boycott. We talked about that and more. The podcast was recorded on Wednesday February 27th.

Thanks, Luke. You made me sound halfway intelligent.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking HERE. (Right click/”Save Target As” if you want to download rather than stream) iTunes link HERE

Go here to leave comments for Luke at Triangle Tactical. I had a great time, so be sure to tell him to have me on again.

4 responses to “Triangle Tactical interviews me about the New York Boycott and more

  1. Nicely done Sean!

  2. Awesome job! I have a great new local podcast to listen to now as well. Thanks!

  3. Great show, Sean. You do have a good voice, and Luke was right–you should consider a podcast of your own.

    That story you told about the “Luby’s” type shooting in Fayetteville that your friend observed is SCREAMING, CRYING out to be a blog post on ncgunblog. I had never heard this story, and with the number of people who have moved to NC since it got concealed carry, I’m betting there are a few hundred thousand or maybe a million who haven’t, either. Please consider posting about it.

    Backwoods Engineer’s blog

  4. I did post about it. I linked it above in the timeline, Luigi’s Massacre

    Here’s the link again