Why him?

Another tragic gun violence victim?

Police were looking for several people seen running from the scene of a pre-dawn shooting Friday that injured a man on North Fisher Street.

You can almost picture the gun grabbers jumping on their gun-grabber-mobiles, turning on the lights, siren, and lighting candles all the way to the scene so they can dance in the blood.


Funny. He doesn’t seem to be the sort to get shot in the back. Shot in the face, maybe.

2 responses to “Why him?

  1. Reading that rap sheet is depressing.

    He was convicted of numerous offenses and only once did he serve the “minimum” term. That was a 90 day weapon possession by a felon deal.

    Like this one
    Minimum Term: 1 YEAR 4 MONTHS Maximum Term 1 YEAR 8 MONTHS

    So how long did he serve?
    Sentence Begin Date: 04/16/2012
    Actual Release Date: 09/24/2012

    He served 5 months.

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