They don’t send you via helicopter for a cut on the head

Sometimes kicking a door in at 3:45 AM doesn’t get you shot.

A man was hospitalized Saturday after Burlington police say he broke into a home and the resident used nunchucks in self-defense.

When the cops showed up they found the homeowner holding the suspect down.

The couple’s injuries were minor. (Suspect) received a cut on his head and was airlifted to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.

I’ve never heard of any EMS protocols that say people with cuts on the head get helicopter rides to the hospital. I suspect they were concerned he might have a cracked skull. (Read the NC EMS protocol for air transport PDF)


Not that he’s actually using the stuff inside the skull for anything productive.

Note that he’s already been convicted of Felon in Possession. I don’t want to be the guy with a pair of nunchucks when a felon with a gun decides to kick in my door at 3:45 AM. I’m using a gun. They can airlift him to the hospital with bullet holes in him if they like. Though for my money, they should have made him walk.

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