William Peace University must have unusual entrance requirements

William Peace University in Raleigh, NC just went co-ed. Up until Spring of 2012 it was an all women’s college, Peace College. They started admitting men in the Fall semester of 2012.

They must have some interesting entrance requirements.

Three people walking past William Peace University did not expect what they told police they saw in a dormitory window, and it led to a student’s arrest on a charge of indecent exposure.

So why do I say that they must have unusual entrance requirements?


He was convicted of his previous charges of indecent exposure, as well as marijuana possession and paraphernalia possession in August of 2012, two days after classes started. The first charge stemmed from an incident that occurred almost a year prior. 

William Peace University costs about $33K a year and graduates a whopping 30% of its students in 4 years. They have a total undergraduate enrollment of 657, of which 2.7% are male. That seems to indicate that Peace enrolled 18 men for this year. So 17 out of 18 male students enrolled in the first class of men at Peace were not convicted criminals.

As far as I know.

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