Gunblogger and friends counterprotest the Raleigh MAIG vigil

After the Durham MAIG press conference yesterday, there was a “candlelight” vigil in Raleigh.

Rallies were held around the country and here in North Carolina Thursday for a National Day to Demand Action following the Newtown tragedy.

A candlelight vigil was held in Raleigh. More than 100 candles were used to represent how many days it has been since the school massacre where so many young children died.

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 The weepy woman profiled, Kim Erickson Yaman is not, strictly speaking, a gun violence survivor. Here she is in her own words.

I want to point out that although we had no way of knowing at the time, my children and I weren’t necessarily in danger. My children had a Turkish folk dance practice that day in the offices of a faculty member one floor up from the conference room where most of the shootings took place. The children were fine, I was fine, we weren’t in the conference room when Lu Gang came to “solve a problem” he had with losing a dissertation award to a fellow doctoral student.

She laid on the floor and hid in another building and now, 20 years later she’s attacking my rights to own a firearm. In any other case, we’d be doing whatever we could to help a poor woman get over her PTSD. Instead the media and the Left (but I repeat myself) is celebrating it and encouraging her to wallow in it.

The three protesters were me, Josette from GRNC, and Bob Murdock, a retired police officer who I first met at the Durham press conference.

“I think what they’re asking for is ridiculous,” said Garner resident Sean Sorrentino.

It is ridiculous. They want to criminalize me handing a gun to a friend when they know full well that this law will not affect criminals in any way.

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