Saturday morning cat (adoption) blogging

And now for something completely different.

Isn’t this a cute cat?


His name is Ranger and he’s sitting in a cage at the PetSmart in Garner, NC. He has a brother, Tank, who’s in the cage with him.

My wife thought he was handsome, so I read their bio cards. They lived for a year with a Marine. When the Marine got deployed, they went to live with that Marine’s father. Then the father ended up having to go into an assisted living facility. They ended up in a shelter in Dunn, NC and got picked up by the Johnston County Animal Protection League.

He’s a cute cat, but my wife is allergic to cats and my dog would eat them. I know you Marines stick together, so are there any Marines out there who could adopt the cat of a brother Marine? If you can give the cat a home, call JCAPL a call at 919-989-7601. And if you can’t take him home, I’ll bet that JCAPL would take a few dollars to help their mission.

Check out their bio pages on

Tell your Marine friends.

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