Pay Attention to Me, I am GRIEVING!

While looking for MAIG “Day of (stupid) Action” stories, I chanced upon this one from Greensboro.

Fifteen years later, it still hurts for Dana Lee Hines to talk about her daughter’s father.

(Victim) was 27 when he was fatally shot outside a High Point nightclub after an argument in 1998. He left behind a 5-year-old daughter.

That’s horrible! We should pay attention to Ms. Hines because as a Gun Violence Survivor™ she has Absolute Moral Authority™

Let’s see. 27 + 15 = 42, and most of High Point and all of Greensboro are in Guilford County.


Or it could be that her baby daddy was a jerk who brought his fate upon himself and his death is a symptom of the life he led rather than my choice to own a firearm.

Choose whichever point of view you like.

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