Black Label Armament joins the New York Boycott

Black Label Armament

How terribly unfortunate. The list of states we WILL NOT ship to is growing. We understand the anger some feel… we hear it on the phone at least weekly. We will however not write new policy’s for that and we do not have the resources to look into the various compliance issues. So those residing in those states, vote freedom. We hope you have been, however it appears your elected leaders aren’t hearing or caring.

We are not turning our backs on you… simply put, your state officials have excluded us.

To hell with them. 

When I asked if there were any exceptions for police or other state agencies, Black Label couldn’t be more clear


There are zero exceptions.

Under no circumstances, for any reason.

Clint Black

Owner / Principal


Thanks Black Label Armament. You’ve been added to the New York Boycott list.

2 responses to “Black Label Armament joins the New York Boycott

  1. Are we at 200 companies yet???

  2. Skinnedknuckles

    Now that our legislators in Connecticut have passed a gun owner control bill even more stupid than New York, I hope these fine companies will extend their policies here as well. I’m proud and thankful to say that my state senator and representative both voted against the abomination.