The last of the three towering heros of the 20th Century dies

There were three people who brought down the horror that was the Soviet Union, Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher. Today Margaret Thatcher is joining the other two in her earthly reward.

Margaret Thatcher, the former U.K. prime minister who helped end the Cold War and was known as the “Iron Lady” for her uncompromising style, has died. She was 87.

“She had a stroke and died peacefully,” her spokesman, Tim Bell, told Sky News television today. “We’ll never see the like of her again. She was one of the great prime ministers of all times. She changed people’s lives. She is a fantastic person. She loved her country. She dedicated herself to improving people’s lives.”

Ronald Reagan got a lot of the credit, but according to the histories of the period Margaret Thatcher was at least an equal partner. She sat down with Solidarity in Poland, defying the Soviets. It was her government’s intelligence service which realized that the Soviet empire was an economic basket case and was susceptible to economic warfare.

But there’s one other way to tell what a great woman Margaret Thatcher was. Take a look at the people who hate her. If there is another woman in the world who was despised by more despicable people, I can’t think of one.

We are diminished by her loss. But we are also far far better off because we had her when we needed her.

One response to “The last of the three towering heros of the 20th Century dies

  1. Stephen Woods

    I fully agree, the world is a lesser place with her passing.