So why am I not upset that GOP Senators didn’t filibuster the gun bill today?

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I think it’s a good idea to let the new gun control bill come to the floor of the Senate, to be debated and voted on. Here are my reasons.

Go read the whole thing. He hits all the high spots. We don’t want to win this quickly with something that looks like a trick. We need to defeat this bill in detail. We need to crush it completely so that it never raises its ugly face again.

4 responses to “So why am I not upset that GOP Senators didn’t filibuster the gun bill today?

  1. Yeah, right, like they will quit just because they were defeated in the open instead of in private.

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  3. His argument makes no sense. The anti-gunners will get a compromise bill out of this. The Toomey compromise will establish de facto national registration. The anti-gunners cannot possibly confiscate unless they know who has guns. Toomey’s “reasonable” compromise is a disaster.

    I posted a longer rebuttal on his blog.

  4. Charles: I am pleased that my Republican Senator Richard Burr has already said that, having read the Toomey “compromise,” it’s a non-starter.

    It’s trash, masquerading as “compromise.”

    That doesn’t change the substance of this discussion. The substance is, we can’t kill this by proceedurals motions. We can kill it by fighting it every step of the way, including filibustering the entire bill at one of the next two opportunities, the cloture motion to end debate, and the cloture motion to go to a vote. Filibustering the beginning of the debate makes Republicans the story instead of the bill.

    McThag: Some will try to push gun control forever. We can’t stop that. We can’t even remove Representatives that think adding a Marine unit to Guam will cause it to tip over. But we can harm the Dems badly enough that their leadership will avoid this debate for another 20 years like they did after the AWB. And 20 years from now it won’t be an issue.