Suspect in home invasion killing arrested

Three broke into a house in Charlotte, shooting a man to death. They’ve caught one.

Police have made an arrest this morning for a shooting that left a man dead in his home in northwest Charlotte Friday.

Police said three suspects barged into (Victim)’s home and an altercation occurred. During the incident (Victim) was shot. The three suspects then fled the scene.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by Medic.

So what do we know about the ones we have names for?



It’s kind of what you’d expect.

Could someone explain to me how a guy gets convicted of felon in possession AND robbery with a dangerous weapon, but only gets 18 months of “special probation?” He was convicted in January, so if they’d have put him in prison where he belonged he wouldn’t have been running around getting involved in home invasions and killing people.

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