Here’s the Facebook page about the coming NC Dog Ban

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So some dumbass legislator thinks that in order for me to own a Pit Bull type, a Rottweiler, a Mastiff, a Chow, or a Pero de Presa Canario, I need to pass a background check as if I was buying a handgun. I’m supposed to go to the Sheriff and say “Please Mr. Sheriff, can I buy a dog?” The bill doesn’t even have any standards to which the Sheriff could measure you. Does he simply apply the Pistol laws? If you’re a felon, a domestic violence misdemeanant, or a non-resident alien, you get rejected? Or does the Sheriff just make it up on a whim? We know how well that goes.

Now go to the Facebook page and click “Like.”

We need to organize to oppose this.

2 responses to “Here’s the Facebook page about the coming NC Dog Ban

  1. Wouldn’t that be the NC Assault Dog Ban? And where are chihuahuas on the list. They’re the most aggressive breed I know. ‘Course you can drop kick them while a pit bull would argue the point. Maybe I’m off here but this does strike me as the let’s make people engaged in certain illegal activities dogs illegal act. Like all such laws those who ignore the law on one thing will ignore this and it will only effect the law abiding.

  2. The left seems to be of the notion that some people are good and some people are bad. They seem to be the judge of who those people are and anyone that does not meet their criteria is certainly not on Santa’s list. I find it a shame that people who often times have not familiarity with something pass legislation in regaurd to it. I have seen dog bans before, Georgia is good at this type of thing. It is important for people on our side to unite and stick together through these times. We must understand that our oposition will certainly stick together regaurdless of their differences. Maybe some of us chuckle and think that a dog ban is too rediculous to pass. Well you better wake your ass up because it does happen. This law is actually a bit racist if you think about it. I am reminded of how pistol purchase permits were created in the 1930’s, the Sheriff makes the deciscion on who will have one based on,”good morale character.” Now I wonder who would have never been deemed of good morale character back then? Us conservatives seem to get divided up by the left’s attacks and we focus far too much on religion, race, and sexuality when debating an issue. Essentially we alienate ourselves from ourselves. I enjoy this blog very much and I certainly will be paying attention and making some contacts in refference to this proposed,”dog ban.” After all an assault dog is only an assault dog if you use it to assault, no?