Time for the next phase in the Leftist attack on America

Because America is always and forever wrong, the Left will have to execute a big pivot on the Boston bombers. Frustrated in their hope that the killers would turn out to be fat, middle aged white Christianist hatriots, the Left will have to find something new to blame us for.

Chicago Muslims on Friday condemned the Boston attacks and said they hope anti-Muslim sentiment doesn’t rear its ugly head.

Yeah, because that’s how we Hatriots roll. We see two Muslim killers and we start burning down mosques and running wild in the streets hitting hijab wearing women with bats.

For once, I wish the story wasn’t about me and people like me. For once I’d like to be left alone. They should at least have the decency to accept that it wasn’t a white militia member waving a Gadsden flag without blaming me for some mythical backlash too.

But as surely as night follows day, now that the last bomber is caught, tomorrow the airwaves will be filled with Leftists “hoping” that we unwashed racists can hold in our prejudices long enough for the oppressed Muslims in our society to get to safety.

Me? I just want to know if they worked alone or had help.

UPDATE: Right on schedule


6 responses to “Time for the next phase in the Leftist attack on America

  1. Best thing I’ve read all week.

  2. The Saudi that is being spirited out of the country is the first one to look closely at. He may have been a handler.

  3. Yeah, I love how he’s all “Let’s do this right” “let’s not rush to judgement” and “we accept everyone,” now. But, during mass shootings, it’s “We cannot wait around for facts and logic, we must do something NOW NOW NOW!!” and “screw you gun owners for having elected officials that care about your vote!”

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  5. Isn’t this the same guy who said his first thought was that it was tax day and it must have been an angry tea partier?